If you are an installer, you rely on your showroom to display the very best of what you sell. It’s your showpiece to the rest of the world. It has to be kept clean, organised and up to date. Therefore, it is important that your showroom or conservatory show site has the latest products on display. Cant be letting it go stale and start to look old fashioned now can we?!

But here’s the thing. Regularly updating your showroom and conservatories can be a costly thing if you are doing more than one thing at once. Do you as an installer pay for it? Should the onus be on the manufacturer as if they want you to sell their products then they should be putting their products in your business? For me, it’s the latter. Being an installer in these cash-strapped times means you can just go spending thousands of pounds on new windows, doors or a couple of conservatories. Installers rely on their suppliers to help them.

Free showroom samples aren’t a bad thing. Manufacturers can generally take the material cost on the chin as they won’t be producing showroom products all the time or on a large scale. Plus, if an installer is wanting a showroom sample, this generally means they they are going to push whatever that new product is. If the installer gets a boost in sales because of that, then that sample product have more than been paid for and both the installer and the supplier benefits. I’m glad to say that our suppliers have this same ethos and do help us out when we need something for our showroom. They know that if we ask for something new, we are going to push it and help boost sales, benefiting us both.

However, this is not the case for others out there. I can’t understand how suppliers, especially some that are really quite large in the industry, make installers pay every time they want something for their showroom. If they haven’t got the spare cash to chuck at it, then they aren’t going to buy it. But if they haven’t got it in their showroom, the products aren’t going to be sold. It’s as simple as that. At the very least suppliers should be giving showroom samples at cost.

Installers need the most support in times like this. They are the ones pushing all manufacturers’ products. Making them pay for showroom samples puts them at a financial disadvantage. No installers means no products being sold. So, equip your installers with the best of what you have and let them run with it and boost your sales!