A recent survey by Planitherm found that roughly half of people were interested in triple glazing when they were shown it. Even though triple glazing has only been around a year or two, this does show a marked improvement.

Demonstrated correctly, with explanations of the acoustic benefits, the increased U-value figures and the potential extra savings to heating bills, then triple glazing has all the benefits it needs to start making real headway into the the industry. Of course, if you’re going to enter the triple glazing market, you need a high quality and reliable supplier in order to do so. And this is where John Fredericks steps in.

With over four decades of experience and a reputation for quality, their expertise in the industry means they have a high quality triple glazed window. It achieves a U-value of just 1.1, an energy efficiency rating of A+13 – which is arguably the most recognised figure to the general public. It’s fully steel reinforced and has all the usual quality locking systems and PVC that many thousands of happy customers have come to expect from John Fredericks.

Yes, triple glazing is more expensive than conventional double glazing. But as with everything in the world, when something is better and new, then the cost is going to be more initially. But there are people out there, a growing number of people it seems, that when given the right little nudge, will be open to the idea of triple glazing and the benefits they bring. You just have to let people know you do it!

If you think triple glazing from John Fredericks would be good for your business, contact them on Twitter: @jfplastics and @NewbuildsNo1, email them: sales@johnfredericksplastics.com or call 01422 314100 and ask for Thomas Monks