UAP At the FIT Show!

Its great to see so many companies, including UAP, getting so excited about the FIT Show. And I've been lucky enough to see some of the features that companies are going to be bringing to their stands. In this blog post, I can reveal some of the things UAP are going to be displaying and [...]

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Guest Post From Insight Data MD Andrew Scott: Double Glazing Industry Plagued By Copyright Infringement

The high profile litigation surrounding patents and copyright has been thrown back into the limelight recently as many of the tech companies such as Apple, Samsung and Blackberry battle it out over designs, applications and even icon images. Intellectual Property, or IP, has become the most valuable asset to many companies, and protecting their IP [...]

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Removal Of Post

I have taken down the Sysnseal/Eurocell post. It appears that this sort of content is far too offensive for the public domain. The post has been accused of spoiling the Christmas of the employees at both companies. I have been accused of being arrogant, naive, a mouthy kid and so on. I have been told that [...]

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GGF Video Explains Why They Exist

[youtube_video id="NqGREFEbHgU"] The GGF has long had criticism as to why they exist. They often get questioned as to what they do and what benefits they bring to our industry. They have been accused of many things, often by myself! Well the video above aims to dispel any myths that people might think about the [...]

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Paying In Cash ‘Morally Wrong’

A couple of days ago Treasury Minister David Gauke said it is "morally wrong" to pay tradesmen such as plumbers, builders and cleaners in cash in the hope of avoiding tax. It's a contentious one this one in our industry. On the one hand, most companies are law abiding and the professional ones won't do [...]

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Green Deal Process, Start To Finish

After my GGF meeting last Friday, it became clear that the process from start to finish on how the Green Deal works wasn't totally understood. Luckily, they provided a stage by stage guide on how the homeowner starts off the process right to the final screw. I have included it below. There are a couple [...]

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Time To Go Triple

A recent survey by Planitherm found that roughly half of people were interested in triple glazing when they were shown it. Even though triple glazing has only been around a year or two, this does show a marked improvement. Demonstrated correctly, with explanations of the acoustic benefits, the increased U-value figures and the potential extra [...]

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Industry Worth Over £5bn?

The latest report from market research company Key Note, shows that the industry value of windows and doors for last year was £5.29bn. An increase of 2% from 2010. Is it only me that is surprised with these results? Palmer who is probably the most well known market research company has reported year after year [...]

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Free Porn!

Sorry about the title of this post, didn't want to get your hopes up! We got this through our fax machine today: Don't really know what to think of this to be honest. I know we wouldn't ever have a had marketing push using this sort of material. It doesn't strike me as professional either. [...]

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Any More Room For Consolidation?

The double glazing industry has just got a lot smaller in the past 12 months. There has been various company takeovers and buyouts; Veka bought Halo, Epwin merged with Latium and most recently Ultraframe bought Quantal and Synseal bought K2. How much more consolidation is left for the industry? About 18 months ago I said [...]

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Fuel Rant!

I know I have mentioned this topic more than once, but this really is a pressing issue and one that the whole of the British economy really does hinges on. The price of fuel is now at an all time high. A litre of petrol at my local Morrisons is now 138.9p, with diesel now [...]

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Something Inspirational!

Every once in a while I post something on here which doesn't really have anything to do with the double glazing industry. I think it's nice to have a little break from the norm, just once in a while. Every time I stray from the double glazing track, I try and make those posts worth [...]

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Admirable Charity Work, At Home And Abroad

For all the analyzing of the industry I do, of it's flaws and where it can be improved, I very rarely focus on the already good things happening within it. So with this post I aim to right that wrong   UAP, one of the country's largest and most experienced window, door and locksmith hardware [...]

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