Eurocell has recently won an award for ‘Materials Recycler of the Year (Large)’ category at the National Recycling Awards 2012. Just a quick change of point, how can an awards ceremony for the year be held half way through the year?!

Anyway, part of the reason why Eurocell were given this award was for their £3 million brand spanking new recycling centre which can hold capacity for up to 12,000 post consumer waste frames. It is certainly one of a kind in the industry. Which, when you think about it, is a shame seen as though more and more effort is being made to make the industry more sustainable.

I really don’t think that the industry can just wait idly by, while peak oil gets ever closer, oil prices drive ever higher and living costs squeeze the spendable income of the general public any further. There is going to come a time when 100% virgin PVC frames have to be a thing of the past as the costs to make it will be far too high and unjustifiable to the customer.

What the industry needs is more of the multi-million pound specialist recycling centres to be built by some of the biggest manufacturers. Eurocell has done it and by all accounts it seems to be paying dividends. But we have many massive manufacturers in this country that are capable of building such a facility. VEKA/Halo, Rehau, Kommerling, Synseal to name just a few. All with the cash and smart people to be able to spring up a facility and make a real, strong and green impact on the industry as a whole. We need more of these facilities to help us cope with an ever changing oil reliant economy which at some point we are going to have to become less reliant on.