Triple glazing seems to be gathering pace as more and more installers warm to the idea of selling that ultimate upgrade from double glazing. Higher window energy ratings, lower U-values, better sound proofing and better security. There are many advantages. But it is getting that message across and justifying the extra cost increase that goes with it.

It is undeniable that triple glazing is going to replace double glazing at some point in the future. Not straight away, but it will. It seems the only natural progression from double glazing. But at the moment the price is putting some people off. All new products follow this pattern. High at first, then as it becomes the norm the prices level out to a more sustainable and affordable level.

As more and more suppliers bring their triple glazing systems on board and more installers start to sell them, the price will start to come down. But you still need the leads. Not everyone is going to come in wanting triple glazing but you as a company may want to start branching into triple glazing. Quotatis already have sites which give consumers the choice between double and triple glazing, so if you’re already using Quotatis for your double glazing leads, it seems natural to start using them for your triple glazing leads too. Plus, lets face it, the product commands a better profit margin than double glazing so it’s something that installers will want to have a crack at.

Quotatis are Europe’s biggest and most qualified home improvements lead generator. They qualify and check every lead that comes through to make sure that they aren’t just passing on duff leads that nobody else wants. So as triple glazing becomes more known with the general public, this could be the ideal place to go to set out your stall. Quotatis have a pay-as-you go system for their leads which allows you to keep an accurate track on your spending with them. Making it easy if you want to cool it for a couple of weeks if you’ve gone mad on the leads for the last two!

Quotatis have been around for over a decade and are Europe’s biggest. You don’t have that sort of success for nothing, so they’re obviously doing something right! If you think Quotatis could help your business, contact them on Twitter: @Quotatis or call them: 08448 044 344