Quotatis At The FIT Show!

As anyone will know who has read anything to do with our industry online, it seems that 'everyone is going' to next years FIT Show in Telford next April. Quotatis is no different. They have booked a stand in Hall 2 of the Telford International Centre. There you will be able to interact with the [...]

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Local Leads

One of the guys I follow on Twitter mentioned the other day that he had to drive 14 miles to a lead just to be told that they had already gone elsewhere. So he then made a 14 mile drive back to the office, wasting petrol, wasting time and wasting effort he could have been [...]

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Get The Lead On Triple Glazing

Triple glazing seems to be gathering pace as more and more installers warm to the idea of selling that ultimate upgrade from double glazing. Higher window energy ratings, lower U-values, better sound proofing and better security. There are many advantages. But it is getting that message across and justifying the extra cost increase that goes [...]

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Solar Still Worth It

The last few months has seen the solar industry's feed in tariff slashed to a rather low 16p/kWh, much to the dismay of the industry and other companies looking to get into the solar market. But, despite this, there are still some major advantages to solar panels. The Government has raised the excess electricity rate [...]

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More Than Just Double Glazing

During these recession years, we have all been told that we have to diversify our range of products and services if it means we are going to survive in the industry. And indeed many of us have. Lots of conventional double glazing companies now do roofs, solar panels, fencing, decking and even astro-turf! So, to [...]

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Boosting Leads

There's never a bad time to have too many leads. Unfortunately, with the economy being as unpredictable as it is, the stream of leads can either be fast flowing, or a totally dried up river bed with nothing to show for it. So to stop those lean lead periods it's wise to have a back-up [...]

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Interview With Top Staff From Quotatis

I always feel that it is a good things for the general to get to know the people behind the bigger companies in our industry. So, following that principle, I sent a series of questions to Peter Jervis - Managing Director, Teresa Gizzi - Sales Director and Carol Whipps - Lead Quality Manager, to see [...]

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Hello Quotatis!

I would like to welcome my newest sponsor, Quotatis, to this site! Quotatis have been in business for 12 years now and are Europe's biggest consumer and business quotation service. For consumers, they provide FREE leads using professional tradespeople. For businesses, they provide low cost, fully qualified high quality leads. There is no joining fee [...]

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