We’re reaching the end of August now. The kids are going back to school very soon and the adults can now start thinking about themselves and their homes now they have a bit more free time! We’re also not that far away from what we call ‘silly season’.

Silly season is that period that starts about the end of September and runs up to the end of November where people rush in to buy new windows and doors for their house before Christmas and New Year comes around! It never fails to baffle me! People have a good six or seven months before then to get it done, yet leave it to the very last minute and demand that it be done before Christmas!

It’s not fair on the companies to be honest. It’s the fault of the customer, not the company for leaving as late as they do. To then demand it be fitted before Christmas is also a bit rich! I heard stories last year of companies having some real pain in the arse customers coming in a couple of weeks before they close for Christmas and then complaining that they couldn’t have their windows and doors fitted Xmas! Talk about unreasonable!

It’s simply PPP: p**s poor planning! If you leave things until the last minute then you’re going to find you won’t be able to have it the way you want it! Be more organised, come see us earlier in the year then you won’t be disappointed when window companies tell you December is already fully booked even though it’s November!

But, the upside for window companies is that if they can cram in a few last minute jobs before they close, it does help with the bank balance over Xmas and into January and it does help with the cash flow as well. Might even earn the fitters a box of beer for all their hard work throughout the year ;)