One of the guys I follow on Twitter mentioned the other day that he had to drive 14 miles to a lead just to be told that they had already gone elsewhere. So he then made a 14 mile drive back to the office, wasting petrol, wasting time and wasting effort he could have been using to close a genuine deal.

As annoying as it may be, these things happen in our industry. But there are some ways you can make sure your time isn’t wasted. Europe’s biggest online lead generator Quotatis provides fully vetted, quality leads. As each lead comes in, Quotatis have a system which checks the quality of the lead to make sure they don’t pass on a load of tyre kickers. Moreover, the leads aren’t a million miles away. If you’re a small company with only one or two offices that covers your local area, it’s pointless going for leads 60 or 70 miles away. Make sure leads are local, good ones, then your time is being used well and not wasted, like in the story above.

Quotatis run their leads on a pay as you go system too. So again, if you’re a small company looking to increase leads but by not spending huge amounts of money on a big advertising campaign that isn’t likely to work, paying a few quid per lead as and when you need them is a nice, small manageable way of getting the potential work in. You don’t end up cashing out thousands of pounds into a dying medium.

Nobody wants their time wasted on leads that are out of the areas they cover. Quotatis and their services can help you avoid this. Quotatis have been around for over a decade and are Europe’s biggest. You don’t have that sort of success for nothing, so they’re obviously doing something right! If you think Quotatis could help your business, contact them on Twitter: @Quotatis or call them: 08448 044 344