Well, a week from now, we shall all be heralding the start of the long awaited Green Deal. So, lets crack the champagne open and look forward to the massive influx of new work that is going to….

Yeah, if I carried on the end of that sentence I would have just been lying. The poll that I have been running for the last couple of months has shown that the industry still really hasn’t engaged with the scheme yet. And if it hasn’t now, it probably won’t in the future.

The Green Deal proper isn’t actually starting on October 1st. What will be launching will be something akin to a Green Deal Beta. A watered down version without the ability to actually start a Green Deal job from start to finish. If a company does sell a job on Green Deal finance, the paper work side of things is what can be started, but any work won’t be able to be completed until possibly the start of February 2013 as access to finance from the Green Deal bank isn’t ready yet. Seems a little slack don’t you think?

So, if companies weren’t as motivated to give the Green Deal a chance, why would businesses start a process which isn’t going to be completed until probably Spring next year? I anticipate a VERY slow uptake and much more criticism. I’ll also be publishing the final results of my poll on Monday next week. Hopefully it is going to provide a sort of accurate representation of how the industry receives it.

Also, after a very hard week last week, I’m hoping for a much better and more positive week and this should reflect in my posts over the next few days!