In an effort to reduce the amount of tax that is dodged by people/companies, you will not be able to be paid for your scrap aluminium/steel windows in cash.

From 3rd December this year, if you take your old metal windows, lead, copper or anything else you remove from a window job, your choices of payment will be limited to cheque or BACS. This is part of a raft of measures to make sure the Government is collecting as much tax from as many people/companies as possible.

Personally, I welcome the new changes. It is going to make it harder for the cowboys, rogue tradesman and ‘traveler’ community to take their stolen metals to any scrap dealer and get cash for it. So with it being made more difficult to get away with dodgy scrap for cash, hopefully this will have a positive impact on the growing number of copper and lead thefts that are blighting our country’s churches and railways.

I think the one group of people that may not be too happy with the new changes is the one man band businesses. Inherently, a lot of OMB’s do their business in cash. If they do a window job where they are removing ali windows and some leading, traditionally they would probably go to their local scrap merchant and hand the metal over for cash in the hand. Let’s face it, most people like dealing in cash when it comes to scrap metal. But no more.

It’s not something that is going to affect us as a business really. We don’t care how we get the money so long as we get it. To be honest BACS is easiest for us as it saves someone a trip to the bank! But hopefully it is going to stop the scum bags that bring in their illegal metals and clean the industry up a little bit!