I am happy to welcome a guest post by Chloe of Bristol Bifolds. Every once in a while I like to open the floor up to others in the industry. It’s nice to see what other people have to say about the issues in our industry and let them voice their opinions. So here we go…

What is ‘fashionable’ in this industry?

There is often talk of competing materials in the window/door industry, for example the Aluminium vs. uPVC debate. I’m certainly not here to get involved in that dispute! But I did want to explore the reasoning behind the changes in what the industry provides for the consumer and how the products sold are increasingly becoming more futuristic, environmentally friendly and essentially modern.

Instead of the traditional products issued by this industry – standard front doors, French doors and windows – the trade is becoming more and more innovative.

A great example of this would be the growing popularity of bifold doors, and not just in contemporary new builds. Bifolds are becoming much more popular as a method for rejuvenating and updating an older or even period property whilst retaining its rustic visual appeal. It’s that combination of old and new which seems to be ‘fashionable’ in properties at the moment – or even just the consolidation of rural and urban styles.

Customers don’t want to replace their garden doors with French door after French door after French door. They want to change the layout of their room, be able to lose a wall here and there when they feel like it. Bifold doors give the option for change – which I think is what most consumers are hungry for – especially in the seemingly stale property market.

Nobody wants to move house right now. Instead, they want to be able to update what they have and lets face it, a lick of paint just isn’t going to cut it at the moment.

I think it’s especially interesting that when ‘updating’ their properties rather than moving, glazing consumers are also choosing to take steps in a more environmentally friendly and innovative direction. With the popularity of performance glass ever-growing, and products such as heat radiating glass slowly becoming more readily available to the glazing industry – it is easy to see that the trade is changing.

From what was once thought of as un-economical and globally damaging, the construction industry is now seeing itself become a part of a nationwide bid to improve its carbon footprint – or financial footprint come to that!

With television programs such as Grand Designs leading the way, the industry is finally ensuring that customers can see the benefits of using sustainable and forward-thinking doors, windows and glass when creating a home, and also the advantages of replacing old fittings with these progressive products.

Ultimately, it’s not about what is ‘fashionable’ in the industry, it is about what is of the greatest benefit to the consumer and the planet- and at the moment this frame of mind seems to be very much in style.

Author Note:

This article is written by Chloe Young, a blogger for Bristol Bifold – she has a keen interest in the economic and energy saving benefits of Bifold doors and also works as contract administrator for the company.