I have now ended the poll about the Green Deal I have been running for the last few months, and the results show clearly that the industry is rather unsure about the whole thing still. There are how the 53 votes were shared out:

Taking Part In The Green Deal?

Yes: 13

No: 17

Not sure yet: 23

So out of the 53 votes cast, 40 of them were for ‘No’ and ‘Not sure yet’. I think we can count that as a pretty big question mark over the scheme and what the industry thinks about it.

There has been month after month of press releases, research results and meetings so the industry is probably as informed as it can be expected to be right now. So for so many to not cast a positive vote is probably going to come as a slight worry to those the scheme matters to.

As for the poll itself, I would like to thank those who did take part in the vote. I would have liked to have had more votes cast to be honest, the poll was up there for quite a while. But I do understand online polls are rather boring and I promise I won’t be posting another one until I really have to!

Now the Green Deal has launched in it’s ‘soft’ mode, I would like to know what you all think of the scheme now it has launched and if any of you will be using the scheme as part of your business in the coming months – even though you won’t be able to complete the job until probably Spring 2013!