For quite a few months now, I have been talking about John Fredericks and how good their PVCu windows and doors are. Except I haven’t mentioned that they do conservatory roofs too. So I thought I better address this issue and tell you all about it in this post.

Think of your business as a bow, and the products are the strings to that bow. The more strings you have the better the bow…providing the bow is set up right. You get that OK? A business in these frantic economic conditions needs to be able to provide every option possible that a customer might ask for. Now John Fredericks has long been known as an excellent windows and doors supplier. Their reputation within the industry speaks for itself. But they do also manufacture conservatory roofs as well. The best kind!

They supply Ultraframe’s Classic, Livin Room and Veranda options. The products that seem to be on the up are the Livin Room options and the Veranda options. But to compliment that range, John Fredericks also do their very own conservatory roof, called the Climetrik Roof. Now the list of information given to me is quite long, but worth reading so bear with me. Here’s the best bits of the John Fredericks Climetrik roof:

  • 1st thermally broken conservatory roof
  • 25% better at preventing heat loss through the aluminium structure
  • Thermal enhancement prevents condensation
  • Protected against regulatory change
  • Heavy duty sections throughout to withstand snow and wind load extremes
  • Ridge closures to prevent water penetration
  • Unique chambered top caps
  • Stronger and wider ridge to act as an ‘umbrella’
  • Anti-slip plates
  • Aluminium end caps
  • Sexy mood lighting
  • Tie wires: strength of 3 times compared to tie bars – 5 mins fitting time – more aesthetically pleasing
  • Watertight aluminium quality roof vent
  • No unsightly structural bolt on parts
  • Box gutters to fit outside of the eaves eliminating water ingress
  • Concealed braces inside box gutter eliminating need for gallows bracket

Phew! I’d just like to point out now that I did not have any input on the description of their mood lighting!

You can’t argue that John Fredericks haven’t been thorough on what they think a quality conservatory should be. I’ve not seen the product myself but if it lives up to the many plus points on the list above, it should make for a very good seller indeed.

If you’re in the market for a new fabricator and have been impressed with John Fredericks’ conservatory roof above, or their range of high quality PVCu products, call 01422 314100, email or catch them on Twitter: @jfplastics or @NewbuildsNo1