As with all regulations, fire regulations are also subject to change and the laws regarding them becoming ever tighter. It isn’t a bad thing. These things are here to keep us all safer. But if you are an installer you have to make sure that the products you are selling also comply with the latest fire regulations too.

Fire regulations are most strict when it comes to flats, shared accommodation and rented properties; unfortunately these are also the places most likely to have a fire. To help meet the stricter fire regulations and to prevent the risk of fire spreading UAP Limited have a range of 60 minute fire rated door hardware. The UAP Fire Check range includes letterplates and door viewers. They also sell door closers which are essential for meeting fire regulations as doors need to be self-closing.

The Fire Check letterplates come in a choice of:

  • Black Powder Coat Flap and Black Frame
  • Satin Silver Anodised Flap and Black Frame
  • White Powder Coat Flap and Black Frame
  • Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Flap and Black Frame
  • Gold Anodised Flap and Frame
  • Silver Anodised Flap and Frame
  • Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Flap and Frame
  • PVD Gold Flap and Frame

The Fire Check door viewers come in a choice of:

  • Satin Chrome
  • Wide angle door viewer – Gold plastic
  • Wide angle door viewer – Silver plastic
  • Brass
  • Chrome

All products in the UAP Fire Check range have a 60 minutes fire test certificate from Warrington Fire Research Centre. The Fire Check letterplates and door viewers have an intumescent lining that expands against the heat radiated from a fire; this fills any holes preventing the risk of the fire spreading. The UAP intumescent lining is just 1.8mm thick, whilst still expanding up to 90mm, which is 50 times its normal size. So while the quality of the lining is maintained, UAP are providing with a price advantage that they can pass onto customers. The advanced intumescent lining also works at five degrees lower than others on the market meaning it can prevent the risk of fire spreading for longer.

As well as having the intumescent lining the UAP Fire Check Letterplates also tackle another issue caused by fires that other letterplates claiming to be fire-proof do not. When a fire starts in a flat or building the heat builds up inside and conducts through the metal fixings to the outside of the door. As the metal becomes increasingly hot, it melts the plastic of the letterplate frame which causes the letterplate to fall off allowing the fire to spread.

The UAP Fire Check Letterplate provides a solution to this; non-heat absorbing washers are used to hold the attaching metal fixings preventing heat transfer from the metal plate to the surrounding door. This stops the plastic of the frame from melting and the letterplate from falling off.

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With Bonfire night and the Christmas period coming up, there is unfortunately a greater chance of fires in the home. Bonfire night because there tends to be quite a lot of chavs and scum bags who think it’s funny to shoot fireworks through letter boxes. And Christmas because of the large number of small but powerful lights and candles that get lit to make the home look more festive. It is these Fire Check range products that are going to provide those vital few minutes extra if the worst happens.

Fire regulations aren’t the most glamorous part of our industry, but they are a very important one and the products we sell have to be of a good quality and meet the correct standards well, otherwise the repercussions will be quite serious. Luckily, UAP’s Fire Check range ticks both those boxes.

The Fire Check range comes with a ten year guarantee, and when more than 250 are ordered, break discounts for bulk purchases will take effect too.

For enquiries on this range or anything else UAP has to offer please contact the UAP Sales Department on Tel: 0161 796 7268 / Email: or catch them on Twitter: @UAP_TRADELOCKS