It is a very sad fact that every year around 4000 kids under the age of 15 injure themselves by falling out of a window. As most windows don’t come with a pre-fitted restriction device, usually a specially designed one has to be retrofitted to the window. And as with anything else out there, there are varying qualities. When it comes to a child’s safety, surely the best window restrictor should be fitted?

This is the product in question:

The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor from UAP.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor from UAP.

The claims made on most window restrictors out there is that the device can withstand a great deal of weight, when in reality that claim really refers to the cable and nothing else. One of the great stand out features on the UAP Window Restrictor is that the WHOLE device can withstand 100kg of weight. Now obviously most children do no weigh that amount, but it is always nice to know that if the restrictor was forced into being used, that there will be no trouble in keeping that window from opening.

Keeping with the weight figures, the UAP Window restrictor has been tested to exceed strength requirements withstanding a minimum force of 1350N. Again, this is a huge amount of force that is very unlikely to ever be matched. However, for peace of mind it is good to know that the restrictor is capable of withstanding a very large amount of pressure and abuse.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor has also been independently tested to relevant parts of EN 16281:2013. The restrictor can be fitted to a window in minutes. It comes with a 20cm long cable which restricts the opening. So the house holder can have the window open without the worry of their children falling out. The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor also complies with fire safety as a key is provided. This means that in cases of emergency the window can be quickly and easily opened fully.

MD of UAP David Jennings commented about the product:  “The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor is a fantastic device and a very simple solution to a very serious problem. Anyone will be able to fit it, no skill is required and it will fit to almost any window. We have also taken the step to ensure that it is not only the cable that can withstand forces over 100kg but the device as a whole as well, this has resulted in it exceeding the required safety standards almost twofold.”

The restrictor comes as part of the wider ranging MAX6MUM SECURITY range of products so should be familiar to those who buy from that particular range of affordable quality security products:



The restrictor comes with full fitting instructions and fixings. Though designed primarily for windows, the restrictor fits well to doors of any material, including aluminium, PVC and timber. The restrictor has been designed to fit to any window and again of any material, not just PVC.

Though the product is small, it addresses a very large and dangerous problem. I am a salesman myself and I do get asked on a regular basis if there is anything out there which can stop window like side openers from opening fully. The concern mainly comes from families with babies and small children who are likely to find everything and adventure and want to climb anything and everything. This product is an important one not just to UAP, but to the industry overall.

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