The MAX6MUM SECUIRTY Window Restrictor

It is a very sad fact that every year around 4000 kids under the age of 15 injure themselves by falling out of a window. As most windows don't come with a pre-fitted restriction device, usually a specially designed one has to be retrofitted to the window. And as with anything else out there, there [...]

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UAP’s Mortice Solution

The rise of the modern mortice lock has been borne out of the recent rise of the lock snapping problem on Europrofile cylinders. With so many doors at risk, there was great debate about how to combat a problem which affected almost all doors under 30 years old across the UK. Sometimes the best ideas [...]

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UAP’s Scottish Venture With Sealco

It's never easy picking a company to partner with to help push your products. Trust is always a factor to consider, as well as reputations, logistics, infrastructure and planning. All these things have to be taken into consideration. So for UAP, when they decided they wanted to start hitting the Scottish market hard, Sealco were [...]

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UAP Gets A Handle On Security

Hopefully by now most of you will be familiar with the impressive MAX6MUM SECURITY Range from one of the UK's leading hardware specialists UAP. If you went to the FIT Show this month, I'm sure you will have seen and heard a lot about it, as well as seeing their superhero style MAX mascot to [...]

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Team Building With Chase Taylor

You could be excused for associating the phrase “Team Building” with thoughts of highly paid executives running round in fields firing paint ball pellets at one another, or jumping out of imaginary hot air balloons as a part of developing trust. In the case of UAP and Chase Taylor Recruitment however “Team Building” meant exactly [...]

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Meet The Expanding UAP Team!

Times are tough at the minute. We all know that. So when a company is taking more staff members on, it can only be a good thing. The team at UAP is growing and will now be able to effectively cover all areas of the UK! Recently, UAP has been busy  hiring new sales staff [...]

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UAP Got FiT! Review!

For the past few months there has been one favoured topic of conversation as everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of the Fabricators Installers Trade Show. With all eyes in the industry watching the FIT Show to see if the years of hard work and hundreds of thousands of pounds spent were worth it, there was [...]

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3 Ways To 3 Stars

We all want high security, peace of mind and affordability. Well that’s what our customers want at least anyway. The 3 Stars ratings that come with the MAX6MUM SECURITY Range from UAP aim to fulfill those criteria perfectly. It's all about reaching that special 3 star goal: TS007 Kitemark. This particular Kitemark was developed with [...]

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MAX6MISE Your Door

As you are probably aware from previous posts on this site, leading door hardware and security products supplier UAP have launched their very own range of affordable high security products under the guise of MAX6MUM SECURITY. They even have a superb superhero to go with it:   As anyone in this industry will point out, [...]

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Buy Direct With UAP

We live in an ever efficient world. Journey times get shorter. Delivery times get quicker. Stock is wider and more available and there are less and less middle-men in the whole purchasing chain. This is why buying direct with companies like UAP can save time, money and effort. UAP for a little while now have [...]

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UAP Pushing The Boundaries With Master Suite Keys Off The Shelf

To those of you who deal with commercial work like council housing, flats and private estates, this is probably going to be of interest to you. UAP are now offering full and highly secure Master Key Suites “off the shelf”. The ‘Off the Shelf” range will include their most popular sized cylinders. That means if [...]

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UAP To Launch MAX6MUM SECURITY Range And Their Own Funky Mascot!

The FIT Show is coming up in the middle of April. It seems such a long time ago since the industry's newest trade show was announced, but we're now just four months away from seeing what our industry and associated industries have to offer us. UAP will be there, showing off their brand new range [...]

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UAP Brings Christmas Early For Disadvantaged Kids

Christmas is that time of year where presents, warmth, family, friends, food and clothing are generally considered a given for most people. These are things which many of us expect and take for granted. And in that respect we are lucky we can just expect to have these things, especially at this time of year. [...]

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UAP On YouTube

UAP have started boosting their presence online by adding a raft of new videos to the most popular video service on Earth that is YouTube! Here's an example, their latest video: [youtube_video id="hxFjRglHAR0"] The videos are well put together, professional and informative. One of the problems with video clips is that they take some time [...]

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