It’s never easy picking a company to partner with to help push your products. Trust is always a factor to consider, as well as reputations, logistics, infrastructure and planning. All these things have to be taken into consideration. So for UAP, when they decided they wanted to start hitting the Scottish market hard, Sealco were the ideal option.

UAP have worked with Sealco for over 12 years now and so already have a long standing and successful relationship together. Sealco are already Scotland’s number one independent distributor of specialised hardware products. So it makes sense that UAP should work with Sealco to help push their new MAX6MUM SECURITY Range of affordable high security door products.

MD of UAP had this to say: “The relationship between our two companies has grown over many years. We share the same values of high quality products at affordable prices combined with excellent customer service. The new MAX6MUM SECURITY range has been designed to appeal to installers and homeowners who want top security and real value, making them the perfect products for Sealco to offer customers across Scotland.”

UAP MD David Jennings with Sealco MD Derek Malcolm

UAP MD David Jennings with Sealco MD Derek Malcolm

Derek Malcolm, MD of Sealco, says: “We believe there are three things that make a difference to customers; options and quality products, a fast turnaround time and sensible cost. With the MAX6MUM SECURITY range we can offer them all. First reactions to the new products have been excellent. When we talked to home improvement giant CR Smith they immediately saw the benefit of the products and the branding. This is a superb endorsement for the new brand.”

The MAX6MUM SECURITY range includes high security door handles, cylinders, cylinder guards and decorative door furniture – all available from Sealco. To support the range, a flash new mascot as well as great marketing material has been developed so installers and other stockists of door and security hardware can proudly display the range to all their potential customers.

UAP have also back the range up with a £250,000 radio advertising campaign and are also sponsoring the South Stand at Elland Road, home of Leeds United.

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