One of the most exciting times in a sales person’s career is when their showroom gets an update! It sounds sad on the surface of it I know, but when your main selling tool gets a big old refresh, it’s cool!

I love the buzz of the showroom or showsite when it’s going under renovation. Fitters are on site, the banter is going between the sales staff and the labour force, everyone all in the same place helping out. These are good days and it’s good for potential customers to see if they wander on down to your showroom.

We’re having a lot of new doors installed in the showroom we have upstairs. We have been constantly tweaking the showroom throughout the year, but we’re going for a bigger push at the end of the year, ready for the 2013 start. We’re having a total rearrange with the inclusion of four new Suffolk range doors from John Fredericks making up a new centre-piece right in the middle. And here’s the biggest news of all…I’m getting my hands dirty! That’s right folks, if you thought this blogger didn’t like to muck and and get his hands dirty then you’re all wrong! I relish the chance to get out of the suit and into something more disposable and get stuck in with some graft!

Not only is the showroom being changed, but we’re starting the process of altering the stores in our building. Again this involves more elbow grease, and again I’ll be getting right in there. Some of our stores are a bit tired and need pulling down. So all the materials need moving out until we get new stores there in their place.

That is just stage one. We’re getting two of our five outdoor conservatories changed too. One of which will feature the brand new Loggia from Ultraframe. We think that once we get a really good display model up there, we’ll start to generate more interest in the products and hopefully sell a few along the way. I know some of you won’t agree with that but as they say; you’ve got to be in it to win it! Both new conservatories will feature the Livin room from Ultraframe. As far as I’m concerned, once we show people the difference between the Livin room and the standard conservatory roof, we won’t be selling the normal conny roof anymore.

I have mentioned before about the importance of a showroom and how it needs to be kept updated. The internet is a powerful tool, but it’s your showroom, where you can display your very best products that will often seal the deal. It’s your perfect opportunity to wow your potential customers into buying. This industry will always need showrooms, and it’s key they are kept up to date. It’s OK having a showroom but if it’s crammed full of old and out of date products then it’s not going to be very inspiring for the customer, so make sure you keep putting in the latest innovations.

I will try and post pictures later on via Twitter!