Its been a pretty good year on reflection. I’ve done our company’s stats and they make for pretty good reading. We’ve worked out some challenging targets for next year as well. We’re getting our showroom in order with some new doors and two new conservatories so we’ll be ready to push some of the latest new products to our happy consumers. But its not just us that’s saying positive things.

Everyone I have talked to over the past month or so has said they they think that our industry has now turned a corner and has weathered the worst of the storm. Some are even reporting that sales and fitting are at pre-recession levels, which after such bad years since 2008 is quite some going. The targets we have set are quite high, in fact they are roughly the same targets that we had in 2007′ the last good year before the recession. Our first target will be to sell more than what we did this year, then we can set about reaching those top targets.

There seems to be a lot more positive talk in general around our industry. If you look online at the few blogs that are out there and on Twitter, there is a lot more good news out there than there was 18 months ago. I know there are still some companies that will struggle and probably go bust, but I think we can put this down to the fact that the proactive companies have taken the right steps to make sure their businesses survive and the rest is probably deadwood. On a personal level, those that I have talked have said that their businesses are experiencing an upturn and expect 2013 to be a much better year.

Its been a long year, we’re all tired, a little bit cranky and we can all see the end of the tunnel with Christmas lights and a massive New Years hangover. There’s only one full working week left! But despite the tiredness, we are all raring to go to make sure 2013 becomes one of the best years we’ve all had in the last few years. Can’t wait to get back into people’s homes doing what I do best and reporting some even more good news to you all a few months in!