According to the latest research from the Energy Saving Trust, more thank half the homeowners in the UK are interested in new double glazing. Apparently, they say that the Green Deal will further boost that interest. Putting my skeptical head on here (as usual) it’s not as simple as that!

The Energy Saving Trust says that 52% of homeowners are thinking of having new windows installed within the next 12 months and that the Green Deal will boost that. First of all, due to the total lack of current public knowledge and no signs soon that a nationwide publicity campaign is going to start soon, if there is a boost from the Green Deal, then it will be very small. If anything, the only boost the window industry will get is when leads are made probably just out of interest when customers find out that windows are included in the deal as well as that boiler that they want replacing.

But think on this, so what if there is a boost in interest? If there is a Green Deal lead to go on, the mass majority of the industry has decided that it’s no good and will just sell against it. The only companies that seem to think it’s any good are the ones that deal with council work. If you’re in the residential market, there are too many negative points which make it very easy to sell against.

So even if there is a boost, those potential Green Deal leads will be turned into normal ones once the homeowner is explained how the mechanics of the deal works…in my honest opinion of course.

On the flip side of that coin, the added interest in double glazing overall will be welcomed. The fenestration industry doesn’t get as much attention as it probably deserves. Not as much positive attention anyway. Anything that raises interest in our industry and gets more leads coming in is a good thing.

So maybe we’re missing a point that needs to be remembered here? The Green Deal is massively flawed, we all know that. We’ll all sell against it, it will be very easy to and I think most customers would just revert back to the normal methods of buying new windows. But, despite all the negativity, the Green Deal could actually be useful in a way it never directly meant to be. It could actually raise interest in our industry as a whole, helping to generate more general leads. Some people might decide that the Green Deal is not for them, but might jog the memory and nudge them into deciding they need their windows and doors replacing anyway. And surely this is a good thing in the long run.

Personally, like the HIP’s packs, I think the Green Deal is something which will last only a short while. At the moment, there isn’t a single residential Green Deal job registered ready to start, last time I checked. This is an extremely poor start. If things don’t vastly improve, I can see the Government altering the scheme and restricting it to just the council work, or maybe even pulling it altogether. They won’t want to keep funding a scheme that isn’t making any return on their investment.