As many of you are probably now aware, there’s a cold snap coming. It’s going to get cold. Nothing new there. But it’s the prospect of snow that has prompted a few nervous tweets in the twittersphere.

The industry seems to have had a strong start to the year so far, with many reporting good levels of leads and sales. But it’s not the cold that’s getting a few a bit nervous, it’s the snow. Depending on what report you read or listen to, we’re either getting some snow, or a lot of snow, in a lot of areas. From this weekend onwards it looks like the rest of January is going to be very cold and rather wintry.

Remember these scenes from a couple of winters ago:

snowy bungalows


The last few winters have seen some very harsh temperatures and more snowfall than we have been used to in recent years. Vans can’t get to site, tools aren’t safe to work with, silicone doesn’t dry and neither does concrete for conservatory bases if it gets too cold. Not only that, it really does put the customers off from venturing outdoors into showrooms and getting on the phone to get sales people out to visit them at home.

Normally, snow, ice and cold wouldn’t worry people so much. But I think due to this year starting well after the last 5 years of struggling, the industry is keen to make sure that nothing knocks this positive start off course. The last thing we need now is a spurt of bad weather negating all the good work that has gone on at the start of this month.

Hopefully, the weather won’t be as bad as what is predicted. Of course, we can always use the cold to help push the energy efficiency properties of our windows. No reason why we can’t use the internet to get our message out!

Wrap up warm and be safe on the roads!