I have now been able to complete my full table of stats for this site, and it has been one hell of a year of growth! To take a look at a monthly break down of how this site performed in terms of visits, page views and unique visitors per months, go visit my Stats page. But for now, here are the yearly totals:


Total page views: 168,901

Total visits: 77,540

Total unique visitors: 49,746

If you compare those totals to 2011, those numbers have jumped a staggering amount. So I have to thank all of you who have come back to visit me on such a regular basis, lefts comments, passed my website on to others and tweeted links to all your friends. It is you guys that have been the cause of the site’s growth over the last few years, so I am very grateful to all of you!

As for this year, I have decided to work towards an overall target for the end of the year, rather than split it down month by month. Based on what I managed to achieve in 2012, these are the totals I would like to reach by the end of this year:


Total page views: 200,000

Total visits: 100,000

Total unique visitors: 60,000

These are quite high, but if you look back on the growth the site has seen since it was created, I think these are entirely possible! So please keep spreading the word, tell your friends about this site, leave comments, send me tweets and carry on doing all the great things you have been for the last few years!