It’s hard to ignore the adverts for the FIT Show now as it is just two months to go until the doors at the Telford International Centre open.

The general commentary surrounding the event seems to be generally quite positive which is good to see. It demonstrates that despite the problems that Glassex had, the industry is still prepared to give an exhibition one last shot to see if the organisers can get the formula right.

They are certainly doing something different. Competitions like the Master Fitter and Master Salesperson is something previous shows never had. Whether it really grabs the attention of the industry in a positive manner in which to improve standards remains to be seen, though I hope it does. There is also the Gala dinner, which personally I can take or leave. Those sorts of things have never really been my thing anyway, but I’m sure it will be great for all those that go!

As a marketing exercise, you really do have to take your hats off to the PR people and the guys and girls behind the designs and ideas. The website looks great, not cheesy which you always run the risk of being in this industry. The ads in the magazines look fantastic and the way it has all been presented to the industry in an organised and planned manner is something I think we can all learn lessons from.

There is however one worrying item which I saw the other day, in the form of a tweet from organiser Matthew Glover: 90% of people who have preregistered are owners/directors/senior managers. #fitshow

This I think is very disappointing. As far as I’m concerned, and I know some won’t agree with me, but when it comes to massive industry shows like this, I think it is important that some people outside the boardroom get to go to events like this. It would be great to see plenty of surveyors, fitters, service engineers go to industry events. Not only just to mix the crown up a little, but to gain a better understanding of how our industry operates in all sectors and to demonstrate how relationships between businesses are made. Lets face it, not every fitter understands the complete chain of our industry. They are there to do a great job installing windows and doors. But I think it is beneficial to them to see how the industry works on a wider level. Knowledge isn’t a bad thing.

Maybe, given time, more trades people will preregister before the doors open. I hope so, because I think our industry needs to get our manual workers into events like this.

So, two months. Who’s going? #everyonesgoing