Is it more, or has triple glazing not yet exploded in the way many thought it would this year?

Judging by the comments coming out from the industry all of last year, you would be blamed for thinking that 2013 was going to be the year for triple glazing. At the minute however, I haven’t heard a peep! Customers aren’t coming in asking for it and I’m not seeing much in the general media or social media about it performing in great numbers. Despite the energy and hype, I still think that triple glazing has a bit of a way to go before it becomes a mainstream product in our portfolios.

To be honest, double glazing is still improving all the time. The energy A ratings are getting higher. The Storm 2 window from Evolution for example has got a A+13 rating. Most triple glazed systems achieve that. So it’s a job well done on their part to get a double glazed window that well rated. And this I think is the point. While there is still a major cost hike in triple glazing, with only minimal benefits to sound and heat retention, people are just not going to see the benefit in spending potential thousands more on triple glazed windows just to increase the A rating a notch or two, or cut out a decibel extra.

Like with all new technology, I think when the price comes down, then it will start to shift sales in bigger numbers. Take a look at the tablet and smart phone sectors. The rise of the medium to low priced devices which pack as much punch as the high end devices do are having a meteoric rise. I think until one of the larger systems companies puts their neck on the line and dramatically lowers the price to something around the double glazed level, installers aren’t going to be enthused to sell it against the standard double glazed windows, and neither are the consumers going to feel inspired to spend quite a lot more money.

Yes the selling points of the product are there, but the price doesn’t reflect those advantages. Triple glazing of course has to be a little more expensive, logic tells us that. But the current gulf between the cost of double and triple glazing is far too wide for it to make any significant impact. Of course, in previous circumstances, I may be wrong! We shall see!