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71% Think Triple Glazing Has Failed To Break Through

A week or so ago I published a post asking whether triple glazing had failed to achieve any sort of genuine market break through. My own opinion was that it had not, and that it can probably now be consigned to the "failed" file. There are still too many reasons for me for home [...]

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People Just Aren’t Searching For Triple Glazing Online

It can't be said that triple glazing is the new kid on the block in the window industry anymore. It's been around for a few years now. Heck, the industry even had a big meeting about it all a few years ago. I remember back then that there was a general feeling that triple [...]

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Could Triple Glazing Die Off In The Next Ten Years?

Yesterday I touched upon the idea that triple glazing could be a product that is at risk of dying out in the coming decade. It formed part of a post where I explored what the industry might look like in the next ten years. You can catch up on that post here. But I [...]

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Three Barriers That Will Hold Triple Glazing Back For A While To Come

The closer we get to this year's FIT Show, the more we might hear about triple glazing. Although consumer interest in the product as a wide spread may not be what we perhaps hoped it would be a few years ago, the industry in some quarters will always remain determined to make a go [...]

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Why Triple Glazing Is Like A Smartphone

If you read my "The Top 5 Hottest Glazing Sectors For 2017" post I published at the start of this year, you may have noticed that triple glazing wasn't in my top five. It got a notable mention at the end, but that's all I gave it. The reason being, whilst I'm sure many [...]

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Triple Glazing May Always Remain In The Background

Not that many years ago, many systems companies and fabricators got behind a concerted effort to push triple glazing in a direction that some hoped would see it establish itself a bit more significantly. After all, lots of money had been spent on machinery, research, production and marketing. Money spent had to be returned via [...]

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We’re Looking At Triple Glazing In The Wrong Way

How is the triple glazing market doing this year? I would still class it as an emerging market in our industry, and one that has far to go before the double glazing part of our world starts to even feel worried. Year after year, we look at triple glazing and wonder when, rather than if, [...]

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Is Discounting The Best Way To Integrate Triple Glazing To The Rest Of The Market?

There are those, including myself, that believe 2016 could be the year that triple glazing finally breaks into the industry in some serious manner. At our place, after an initial strong interest in triple glazing from home owners in the first couple of months, that interest has somewhat dropped off. Not for want of trying. [...]

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Searches For Triple Glazing Up Sharply

Could this be the year triple glazing makes really makes it's mark in the UK? Whilst being popular in Scotland, triple glazing activity in England and Wales is a bit lacking. However, the wonderful search tool that is Google Trends shows that search activity around triple glazing has seen a sharp increase in recent months, [...]

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2016 Might Be The Year For Triple Glazing, Probably

After the 2014 Triple Glazing Debate, I think the industry had finally started to grasp triple glazing properly, and understood what the optimum form of triple glazing was versus what was bluff and marketing. Long and short of it is, if it's not a 44mm triple glazed unit, then it's not worth bothering at all. [...]

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3 Major Hurdles For Triple Glazing To Get Over

Triple glazing is coming, whether you're a fan of the product or not. I can just imagine the humbugs grumbling under their breath when double glazing came along to replace single glazing or steal some market share away from secondary glazing. Questioning the product, asking if UK houses really need it. Well, here we are, [...]

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Barriers Still Remain Before Triple Glazing Breaks Through

We've had the triple glazing question debates in April, and as far as I'm concerned, it achieved good internal debate within the industry. It has allowed us to properly analyse the difficulties and strains of triple glazing and if it's really worth the push bringing it to the masses. Some have. Some are reporting rising [...]

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Guest Post: Triple Glazing – Fact Or Fiction?

So, last week's Triple Glazing Question debate really got people talking. Further doubt was cast over the viability of the product. However, a good friend of mine based in Scotland, Mark McLean (@markmclean41) is a big fan of triple glazing and disagreed strongly with the information that came out of the forum. So, he has [...]

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Triple Glazing Question Debate Today

As if you really needed telling, the Triple Glazing Question debate is now finally here and the doors are finally open at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The debate has been organised by some of triple glazing's biggest investors to help jump start the industry, answer questions, probably raise a load more and hopefully get [...]

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