After much planning and with many hours of work, we are very proud to announce that the National Fenestration Awards website, home for the National Fenestration Awards, is now live and free for you to explore!

Visit the website here:

The website will be an ongoing and growing site with lots of fresh content, news and information going live regularly, so please keep revisiting. Please use the contact form if you have any suggestions for the website or if there is any further information you require.

Official Logo

The two most important pages are the ‘Register to Vote’ and ‘Nominations Schedule’ pages. To be able to take part you will need to register on the website. By registering, it will make you eligible to make your nominations as each category goes live. The registration process will also give you access to the regular NFA newsletter. The newsletter will inform you of the latest news and announcements and everything else involved with the awards. This will be your vital reminder.

We have also put together a nominations schedule. Rather than make all the award categories live right now, we have made it easy and manageable for everyone to take part. Each week, from the 21st of February up to 9th May, there will be a new category that we will make the nominations process live.

Once you have registered to vote, taking part is easy. Just head on over to the nominations section and it should be self explanatory. However, if you need any help, please email us and we’ll be on hand to answer any of your questions!

We are also happy to announce that there are plenty of great sponsorship packages available. There will be some familiar names advertising on the website soon and we know that the National Fenestration Awards website is due to gain massive traffic. We believe that it will be a fantastic place to advertise your business. However we are not just selling advertising space. We are being far more proactive with the most value for money and comprehensive sponsorship package that no other awards currently have. If you are interested in taking advantage of the huge interest these awards will generate, please contact us using the contact form on the website.

From a social media point of view, the official account for the awards if you don’t know already is @NatFenAwards and we will be using this account to announce new information, news items, new live categories and so on. Please follow our twitter account and you can also keep uptodate on our social media activity with the hashtag #natfenawards

The National Fenestration Awards are the first awards that are going to be decided by the industry and at all levels. We encourage you and your staff to register, join in and spread the word from department to department. This really is a chance for EVERYONE in our industry to get involved and reward people and businesses who we all truly feel deserves it! We hope you will take part and enjoy doing it!