Fully reversible window


If you don’t know what this is, what you see here is a fully reversible window, made by A & B Glass for John Fredericks in the LB plastics profile. There’s nothing quite like it in the market and may just become a must have product for those who do work for the commercial and social housing sectors.

The fully reversible window has been designed to be functional at it’s core. It’s all about being easy to use and being easy to maintain. As you can see from the image above, the window opens like a top hung window, with the handle at the bottom. But if you keep on pushing, the special hinge which you see placed in the middle of the frame, allowed the window to swing all the way up, then all the way in.

This allows for two major advantages. The first, due to it’s opening ability and space given, makes this a fire escape window. The second, it makes these windows probably the easiest windows to clean stood from the inside of the property. With the window being able to be turned and have the outside of the window facing the inside, it requires no hanging out of the window, no ladders and an easy way to clean the windows. It’s probably going to put some window cleaners out of business!

Whilst being new, the fully reversible window is designed to be cost effective and aimed more at the commercial and social housing area of business rather than residential, though it is not exclusive to these areas. Where they will be most useful is in high rise commercial buildings and tower blocks of flats, or basically anything above the second floor! They are ideal because they comply to both fire and ventilation regulations and are very easy to maintain.

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