I have contemplated doing an experiment for a little while now.

Last night I asked the Twitter community what the average number of windows and doors was on a typical property and many of you replied. In fact 17 of you replied very quickly and all your answers and feedback were greatly appreciated. Why? It was appreciated as it helped me complete the final piece of planning for an experiment I hope as many of you will take part in.

So what is this experiment? Well, after looking around at various sites and quite a wealth of old and out of date information, with the help and participation of many of you as possible, I would like to see what the current average price of windows and doors are right now in our industry.

The price of our wares has always been a subject which has fired up debate massively. There are arguments both for the expensive and inexpensive sides of the fence. So I thought it might be a good idea to try and work out the current national average for the prices of our products.


I thought of doing this for two reasons really. Firstly, I think it is something that has always been of some interest to the industry in general as there aren’t that many accurate barometers about what the average price of windows and doors are. Obviously there will be quality and service factors which differ from company to company. But as I have already said, the more that take part the more accurate the results.

Secondly, I believe there could be some consumer use for this. If I can get a fair number of you to take part one end result could be to make these averages available to the general public to help them see what they can afford and if not, set themselves a goal in which to be able to afford new windows and doors. Information is generally a good thing and I think something like this can help.

How To Take Part

Important: this applies to PVC products only for now!

Taking part is simple. I have created a very small, 8 question survey where all you have to do is enter a few numbers! You can find it here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RH37M3K

There more of you that take part, the more accurate the results will be! Hopefully many of you will take part and encourage others to do so!

All being well, enough of you will participate so I can collate some fairly accurate results. I might even make it a regular thing, say once a year or twice a year depending on the success of this one. If not, I’ll can it and won’t bother in the future lol!

Have fun!