Times are tough at the minute. We all know that. So when a company is taking more staff members on, it can only be a good thing. The team at UAP is growing and will now be able to effectively cover all areas of the UK!

Recently, UAP has been busy  hiring new sales staff to make sure that they have all regions in the UK covered, and with the help of Sealco in Scotland they now do. However it wasn’t enough for UAP to offer each of their customers a local Sales Representative, they wanted to make sure their customers were thoroughly looked after and so they have formed teams for each region, with a dedicated external Sales rep and an internal Customer Advisor based at their head office in Manchester.

Scotland – Sealco

North – Barry Halpin and Andy Bolton

South East – Tony Hill and Zoe Everett

South West – Andrew Grosvenor and Emily Dover

Midlands – Dee Chamberlain and Amanda Morley

Ireland – Pat McGinn

That’s pretty comprehensive coverage of the UK I’d say. And between them, they have over 100 years worth of experience and knowledge from within the industry, so are best placed to fit into these roles nicely, and deal with any enquiry you might have. Each region has an external Sales rep and an internal customer advisor based in our head office in Manchester.

Specifically, they have joined the MAX6MUM SECURITY team and will be providing support and assistance to fabricators and installers for the innovative MAX6MUM SECURITY product range including the three star kinetica super cylinder and two star security handle uniquely designed to stop advanced lock attacks.

Dee Chamberlain, new National Sales Manager says: “We’re here to help our customers sell more. This is an exciting time to join UAP as the MAX6MUM SECURITY brand continues to grow. It’s great to be part of an innovative brand like MAX6MUM SECURITY. The UK and Ireland are now covered with an experienced team that has a mix of skills developed while working in fabrication, technical and sales, so we can deliver products quickly and with expert support.”

Paul Roberts has joined Ben Jennings, retail manager to take the MAX6MUM SECURITY range to retail counters across the UK and Ireland, including the shelves of ASDA, which has nearly 600 branches, creating strong brand recognition with householders.

Paul Roberts says: “The major investment in branding awareness at Leeds United and the radio campaign has already had an effect on the number of homeowners who know about MAX6MUM SECURITY. We’re here to make sure the awareness keeps on growing. The concept is totally different for retail products. Eye catching blister packs using the MAX6MUM SECURITY branding ensure the cylinders and door hardware sell themselves. Customers can already see products on the shelves at ASDA giving real credibility to the brand.”









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Above are all the lovely faces of all the lovely UAP team, ready and on hand to deal with whatever enquiry you might have about the thousands of products UAP stocks and especially their MAX6MUM SECURITY range too.

If you would like to find out more about UAP visit www.uapcorporate.com

To contact a member of the UAP Sales team email Sales@uapcorporate.com or call 0161 796 7268.