Seen as though it is Sunday, I thought I might as well write a post about Sunday!

How many of you actually open on a Sunday? And if so, how effective is it? The company I work for used to open every Sunday. It always did. When I first started working at the age of 16 on weekends, they were always busy. Having time for lunch was a struggle! But as the economy dipped and more and more people did their research online instead of the showroom, footfall started to fall, especially on Sundays. I also think people have started reserving the weekends for themselves now.

So for about 18 months we have now been shut on a Sunday, but remained open on Saturdays. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t affected us one bit. In fact it has made Saturdays busier because of it. At first we thought it might have a negative impact on the business. We thought it might put a few people off. But, it has proved to be nothing like that at all.

We found that as weekends became a little quieter, it was because people were wanting to see during the week and on an evening. Weekends are becoming more precious to people, and personally I don’t blame them.

I see some of our competition open on a Sunday, but with the car parks empty. Surely it must be costing them more to be open on a Sunday than the business it brings in. So, how many of you open on a Sunday, and if so, is it worth it?