That title is a bit misleading. Door-Stop have been on Twitter for quite a while. But for those of you that have followed them from the start, you will know that their account has remained dormant for a very long time. It is only until recently that someone at the company has decided to re-address this issue and the Door-Stop account has become far more active. And it’s about time!

It has always surprised me that a company the size of Door-Stop has only just decided to embrace social media. When there are so many small to medium sized businesses making an impact online, it is almost expected that a company of their stature should be on there. However, until recently they haven’t. And it has been telling. There have been quite a few discussions on Twitter about the company, quite a few of them heated, where they have been included in that conversation yet there has been absolutely no response from them.

In the year 2013, big companies are expected to interact with the industry and it’s customers. This interaction has been lacking up until present. But it is nice to see Door-Stop now getting into the swing of things and posting much more regularly. Hopefully they will find it a productive use of their time.

As well as increasing their brand awareness and online presence, it will be good for them to talk to their customers on the social media platform. It is a good place to ask questions of their customers, as well as a place where customers can ask them questions. I have seen many questions and issues resolved over Twitter, without the need of lengthy phone calls, letters and emails.

It will also give them a chance to put right any negative publicity. We all know that people are very quick to use Twitter as a place to complain. Often Door-Stop have been criticized on Twitter. They should now be able to confidently respond to this and put right any wrongs.

Just a few tips for whoever is running the account. Be polite. Engage in conversation and retweet anything you think is worthy of industry news. Promote yourself too. Twitter has fast become a very good business platform and failure to promote the company would not be a wise move. Don’t just talk about industry stuff either. As passionate as we all are about our careers, sometimes doors just don’t get our mojo going! Have some banter, talk about sport, crack a joke or two even if they are bad! General conversation is never a bad thing!

For those who don’t know, their Twitter account is: get following!