It’s been a rough couple of days for Twitter…

Numbers Up, Money Down

For those of you who follow technology and business, you will know that Twitter announced it’s first quarterly results since floating on the stock exchange. The results weren’t good…at all. In the first 3 months they made a loss of $511m, despite a revenue of $243m. Shares the day after plunged 23% as investors worried about the business.

These results are exactly why I say that social media should remain private businesses, and NOT go public in the way Facebook and Twitter have. I have always found it difficult to value what is basically fancy communication as a business worth billions. It’s not a physical product. Twitter and Facebook don’t actually make anything. So how can investors value these companies in the tens of billions? I would say advertising revenue but when you look at those figures neither Facebook or Twitter don’t really make enough from adverts to value it in the billions either.

Given these results though, Twitter still continues to grow. It may not be at a barnstorming pace, but it’s growth non the less and that overall is the most important stat. I still believe that it will overtake Facebook in the medium term as more and more people start to turn off their accounts. Twitter works well because it is a small service in comparison to Facebook and information can be posted and digested far quicker. Business has also taken to Twitter very well and are making the most of it’s unique way of quick networking. Which sort of leads me on to my next point…

Moans and Groans

I’ve stopped following a few people on Twitter recently. In the main the glazing community on Twitter is a friendly bunch, not short of good natured banter, swift networking and a great place to ask questions and generally have a laugh. However, over the past few months a few people, and it really is just a few people, have turned rather bitter about Twitter and the community on there.

I have seen comments about “cliques”, “back slappers” and other such terms spring up on my timeline. Usually I wouldn’t see them as I don’t follow those people, but I can’t escape re-tweets hence I do see them once in a while, and I do smirk when I see them. I can’t help wondering that these comments are borne out frustration of perhaps not being included in the main discussions and conversations. Or maybe events outside the Twittersphere on other online enterprises didn’t go their way, therefore creating a bitterness. What I would say in response to this is that what people see as cliques and back slappers on Twitter, is rather more a collective group of people that deal with each other on a professional level on a daily basis and find Twitter a place to communicate in a more relaxed manner. Yes there will be banter, tweeting of installation images and so on, but honestly, what else would you expect?! Quite frankly businesses and people are understanding the great way Twitter works and if that means a bit of promotion and re-tweeting, then so be it. If you don’t like the tone of the conversation, grow up, grow a pair and either leave or go join in a conversation that suits you better. Moaners and groaners don’t come across well on Twitter, and I know this from personal experience.

Keep it Clean

The glazing community online continues to grow and probably all our follower counts on Twitter have continued to swell. As I have already said, the general tone of the conversation has been good up to press, so lets keep it that way. The industry has enough problems to deal with in business day to day.

But I will say this; Twitter is a great place for free speech and opinion. My time on there is proof of that. But if you’re going to make comments, snide or otherwise, expect a backlash from those it is aimed against.

As always, all comments welcome in the section below.