The ever popular (and slightly controversial) Top 25 list of influential people on Twitter was published earlier on today. This new collection includes 6 new additions which is great to see, as well as some old favourites. Here is the list in full:

Top 25

According to the guys that run this, the list is worked out like this: The overall score is based on several combined metrics such as followers, mentions, re-tweets and user engagement.  The reputation score is shown next to their Twitter account name.

This is only meant to be a bit of fun, but the list itself is a way to recognise the hard work people put into their social media. Things like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others have provided us with a fast, free and effective way to network with other people in our industry and pass along knowledge and information. It has brought about new business between previously unconnected contacts and helped push new events within the fenestration industry. Social media takes a lot of time, and it takes a lot of time and effort to build up an effective profile. Social media shouldn’t be thought of as fad that will go. Because it won’t. Yes it will evolve and Facebook and Twitter won’t be around forever as new and more exciting platforms will take their place. But the internet and the social media within it will continue to grow and become more influential in the way we all do business. This is why these sorts of lists carry a certain importance.

A big thanks to @idvmarketing for putting these lists up and I am sure we are looking forward to the next one in three months time!

The list, including extra information, can be found here: