A lot of column inches and online time is given to the sales people and fitters of our industry and their various plights and toils in our little sector. But very little time and thought is given to the surveyors in our industry.

I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t want to be a surveyor! I’m good at selling, I can do it all day long. But surveying is such an accurate job that it really does bring it’s own set of unique pressures and stresses. For example, when I go out to measure, it is fairly accurate, but not enough to order from. When a surveyor goes out to measure a job to order, it has to be millimeter perfect. If they get it wrong, it could pose some serious problems when it comes to fitting.

A surveyor has to think about so many things, which leaves a very high chance of a installation-ending mistakes. As well as having to measure what has been sold, surveyors have to oversee how the job should be fitted, including providing tips and hints for the fitters, checking that the sales person has sold the job right, run through every detail with the client, check things like external brickwork for lintels etc. You get my point, surveyors have to do almost everything but fit the actual job.

Though rarely talked about, a good surveyor is absolutely crucial to any double glazing company. A good surveyor provides a safety net during the period between selling and fitting, where possible mistakes can be seen and rectified before it gets to the point of fitting. But it is also important that the surveyor is a highly skilled one. One small oversight or mistake during measuring can ruin a whole job.

I never really understand why surveyors get so little press or positive light in our media or online. Is it because the job doesn’t seem as glamorous as other positions in the industry? Personally I think we should hold our surveyors in a high regard. They do a very tough, complicated job in our industry and are all too often used as a prop by our sales force.