Sorry to bleat on about this again, but this is something I feel strongly about.

Thursday saw the defeat of the Government which meant that the UK will definitely not take military action in Syria. Much to the rejoice of many who saw this as a good thing. But the ultra-democrats need to step back a little and now appreciate the situation that is at hand.

America looks poised to carry out military strikes without our help. As far as I’m concerned this is good and will hopefully achieve what it needs to. However, the lack of British presence on an issue that we have been so outspoken about is highly embarrassing. And what is worse, France have now stepped in to that breach and will be quite happily cosying up with the US now. America thinks our political process is weak and the French will be loving our disastrous inability to back a government.

Lord Ashdown on Friday morning did a number of interviews on various news outlets and quite eloquently put it that today was a bad day to be British. I agree. There are those that say it was a great day for democracy and that the Parliamentary process worked. Well I would say that wrong decisions can be made in the right way.

There are also those that say we need to wait for the UN results of their investigations. Many are forgetting that the UN report will only confirm if chemical weapons were used and what type. It won’t actually say who fired them. So why wait two weeks just to be told what we already know?

Anyway, I better wrap this up now before I rant on any more. I really do feel sick to my stomach for the people of Syria. Britain used to be a country where it stood up for the people in the world who were in desperate need of help. We have now become the country where we turn our backs on people because there is a hard decision to make. Shameful.

Back to windows now, I promise!