I have tried desperately to avoid writing about this subject as it has nothing to do with double glazing and I have been trying to keep content like this for Twitter. But, what is happening in Syria right now is really frustrating me and the journalist in me really needs to get this off my chest. So I’m sorry if this isn’t your cup of tea, but normal double glazing related content will resume after this one.

One of my biggest frustrations is that it has taken over two years and well over 100,000 people dead for us to get to the point where we are now seriously considering getting involved in Syria. It has taken a massive chemical attack which killed hundreds in order for Parliament to start thinking about dealing a blow to yet another brutal dictator that has been crushing his people for far too long.

There will be many of you reading this who will be saying that we should stay out of Syria. That it has nothing to do with us and we should just leave them to sort it out themselves. But put yourselves in the positions of those innocent people being killed everyday. If you were being bombed and gassed on a daily basis, wouldn’t you want greater powers to come in and at least try and stop the aggressors from doing it? I know I would!

As a country which has the power to try and limit the killing, I believe we should be helping those who cannot help themselves. It is very important to remember that this is not an Iraq scenario. There will be no troops on the ground, no tanks invading. What is being proposed is surgical strikes to try and limit Assad from launching any more chemical weapons. It wouldn’t be a long campaign, but a short, sharp punch in the mouth of the Assad Government.

When entering into war, it is always impossible to say what the outcome of intervention will be. No one can guarantee it. But after helping the people of Libya when Gaddaffi was about to slaughter his own people in Benghazi, I believe we have to do something to give the people in Syria a chance.

Whilst bombing targets is never an idea solution, diplomacy in this situation will never ever work. The two sides in Syria are a million miles apart, and Russia and China oppose the West on everything just for the sake of it. So diplomatic means of solving this simply will never work. We’re giving military aid and supplies, but when over 3m people have been displaced, this obviously won’t be enough. We have given the rebels arms, surveillance and other items to help them defend themselves against Assad – this isn’t sufficient.

The Western world has the chance to step in, whether on a small or large basis, to try and end a civil war that threatens the wider region. If it doesn’t do anything, the situation will naturally drag other countries in anyway. History will judge that if we don’t, we will have been weak in the face of an opportunity where we could have tried.

What is worse, is if the US, UK, France and other countries fail to do anything, Assad will know he will have got away with it and that nothing will happen in the future – making a mockery of Governments, threats and “red lines”.

No one wants war. When polls come out saying there is no public appetite, has there ever really been an appetite for war? I would say no. But on an issue like this where innocent people are being killed by the thousand, it tears me in two to think that we’re just going to stand by and watch it happen.

There, I said it. Agree or disagree please leave your comments below and I promise that normal double glazing related topics will resume.