For those of you active online, or for those of you who know the guys taking part, you’ll have seen that there is a lot of preparation going on right now, in readiness for the upcoming Hope 66 ride across America. It’s just a matter of weeks away now!

Hope 66 is a 2616 mile ride on Route 66 across America, which starts in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica. While there, the team will experience temperatures of over 40 degress (not far off from what we’ve had here to be fair!), and altitudes of over 8000 feet. Plus, a few sore backsides from what will probably be very hard and uncomfortable seats.

If you were at the FiT Show in April and the Gala Dinner, you will have seen the whole team of riders on stage. But for those who don’t know, this is the team:

  • Gary Morton
  • Andrew Glover
  • Danny Gill
  • Richard Gyde
  • Mathew Glover
  • Dean Hodges
  • Richard Nowell
  • Gareth Mobley
  • Graeme Bailey
  • Mark Bromley
  • Leon Day
  • Dave Thomas
  • Darren Lloyd
  • Gary Torr
  • David Martin

The ride has been organised by GM Fundraising which have become a sort of unofficial charity to the double glazing industry, after having taken part in so many successful charity events in the past. After the ride, GM will have raised over £1m over the past 10 years, which certainly is a fantastic achievement.

These guys are trying to reach a grand total of £5000 in donations per rider, and currently they are 47% of the way there. Also, all expenses are coming out of the pockets of the rider, so every penny goes straight to the kids. Now I know that you’re a generous bunch, and that with a little digging around in your wallets you can help the team to reach the £5k mark in time for their ride. So, click this link to go straight to their donations page: it only takes a couple of minutes and it’s for a very good cause.

Something like this is a real test of the body and mind, and will push many of them to their limits. So when the times comes to saddle up, I wish you all the best of luck. Remember the suncream and the vaseline! ;-)

hope image