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Avocet’s Peter Ferguson In Mamoth 12 Hour Bike Ride – Please Support!

I'm always one to give a good charitable cause a bit of a push on DGB once in a while, and Peter Ferguson's from Avocet I believe is a good one - with a very personal touch. Rather than explain it in my words, I'll let Peter explain the event, the charity and his reason [...]

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Guest Post – Charity Bike Ride

Always one to help out my friends on Twitter, another regular is Ian Woolley. You'll probably know him better as @BlindsInGlass.  Please give generously! LONDON TO BRIGHTON 75 MILE OFF ROAD CHALLENGE - Saturday 21st September 2013 I hope you agree that the British Heart Foundation I am riding for is a great cause, I [...]

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>Charity Run Re-Think

>In my efforts to get fitter and turn the beer belly into a magnificent six pack for all to admire and be jealous of, I have found that I am extremely flat footed. Now in an earlier post I had postulated that I would like to run from here in West Yorkshire to Aberystwyth in Wales. [...]

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