You may have seen recently that I have two new ad slots available on the right hand side of this site. UAP, after 18 months, have come to the end of their advertising on my site, and they got a huge number of clicks on their advert!

So, there are now five ad slots available right now. One at the top, one at the bottom. For those who might be interested on putting an advert on one of the most visited sites in the industry, the best way to contact me is at: and we can talk about the various packages and options that are available for the site. I know there are budgets of all varieties, so there are lots of different options to suit.

The site consistently gets heavy traffic and has grown year on year massively up to this point. You can see my breakdown of DGB’s growth here:

With magazines struggling to adapt to the new ways in which we read news and content, and with costs struggling to be kept to a minimum, online is proving more and more that not only is it cheaper than print, but that it can also accurately measure how successful or how popular your advertising is.

For example, anyone that has an advert on DGB knows exactly how many clicks the as is getting. That way, they know a weekly and monthly average. They know how many people are actually looking at their ad and following it through to a click to their website. You simply cannot do that with print.

The world is moving more and more online each month. It’s time to start re-thinking those old loyalties and start really thinking about where the best advertising is going to be. You only have to look at the Yellow Pages to see how close to death that book it.

If you are interested in placing an advert on DGB, please contact me: