We probably all recognise this…

Old Crystal Palace


Yes, it’s the original Crystal Palace building in London. It was first built in 1851 to house the Great Exhibition which had a staggering 14,000 exhibitors. FiT Show has a way to go then ;-)

It held dozens of FA Cup finals before they moved to Wembley and it was a showpiece of the British Empire. Sadly though, it burnt down in 1936. But, 77 years after it’s demise, Boris Johnson and Chinese billionaires have unveiled plans to rebuild the masterpiece…

New Crystal Palace

I really, REALLY, hope that these plans are passed. What a special development this would be. Something so iconic that the world lost would be standing proud again in London. It would bring thousands of jobs and give a boost to the local economy down there.

Now, if I’m a glass manufacturer, I would be wanting to submit my details for that contract! Though I think it would be worth considering the solar gain on a building like that ;-)

All being well the plans will be passed and we’ll have another iconic building we can show off.