The recent massive price increase by SSE of 8.2% certainly has gone down like a lead balloon with the public. It seems every Winter there is an expected routine of inflation-busting price increases from the big 6 energy companies. So you can bet your last quid that next week the rest will follow suit with their very own increases.

As frustrating as it is, there seems to be very little we can do about it. We have to stay warm, we have to eat. Without energy, we would simply fail to function. What is worse is that when you break down what energy we do use, most of it is either coal, or imported from Europe. Something has to change.

I suppose the one good thing these increases will bring is a raised interest in the UK’s energy strategy. At the moment, it is far too dependent on foreign imports and dirty fossil fuels. Only a very small percentage is generated through sustainable means, and that means should a blackout or shortage occur, it won’t generate anywhere near enough energy to help the country cope.

Personally, I would like to see massive new initiative focusing on sustainable energy. Whether that be on a national grid-style or on a home-by-home basis. I think each home, or group of homes should be able to generate their own energy rather than depend on a larger grid supply which can cause widespread problems if there is a cut in supply.

That is just one idea. But it is encouraging to see the Government has ordered a review into the whole energy plan for the UK. I really do hope that it manages to come up with some innovative new solutions to what may be becoming a much larger and immediate problem.