Insight Data has published the 2013 Fabricator and Installer Report, which points to major change across fenestration industry.

The Report uses data collated during extensive research and interviews carried out with over 15,000 fabricators and installers.  It is the most comprehensive analyse of the fenestration industry.

The Insight Data Fabricator And Installer Infographic 2

2013 Window Industry Report Infographic (CYMK)

I have included both forms of the graphic, just in case your prefer one type over the other. To enlarge the images, click on them, they will open up a new window with a much bigger version.

The number of window, door and conservatory companies has risen in the last 12 months, the first increase for 5 years, and now stands at 15,137 companies.

The number of fabricators (PVC-U, timber and aluminium) has increased marginally to 4,278 companies although PVC-U fabricators have declined in the last 12 months. This decline has, however, led to greater volume shared amongst remaining fabricators, with a significant increase in average frame volume per company. This explains in part why many fabricators are reporting record sales.

The number of installers has increased over the last 12 months but a growing threat from general builders has had an impact on volumes. 

To combat low volumes and low margins, installers have diversified into other products and sectors. 47% of installers now offer a choice of materials – PVC-U, timber or aluminium, while many have diversified into other home improvement products such as garage conversions and extensions.

Meanwhile, the number of general builders offering home improvement products such as windows and doors has increased dramatically to over 20,000 across the UK. Many of these builders already have relationships with homeowners and are winning contracts under the radar.

While on the surface the industry appears stable there is a significant undercurrent of change.  This is being seen across many facets;

  • Reduction in the number of PVC-U fabricators

  • Diversification of materials being manufactured by fabricators

  • Route to market (distribution channels)

  • Installer diversification in products and materials

  • Installer diversification into other home improvement sectors

  • Rapid increase in ‘general builders’ now offering windows and doors

  • The rise of the trade counter depot

As a result of this undercurrent, the rate of change within the Insight Database is at its highest ever level.  Across the database, there are now some 1,300 changes occurring every month – companies, management, locations, contact details, products and sectors.  Over the last six months 60% of companies on the Insight database have experienced some change in their business.

The Infographic below gives a full overview of the window industry over the last 12 months, and the full 9 page 2013 Insight Report, which includes a detailed analysis of the industry, sectors and regional variations is available to download from the Insight Data website.