You’ve probably heard by now, we’ve finally released the final results of this year’s inaugural NFA’s. So just to remind you one last time, here are your winners, chosen and decided completely by the industry:

Social Networker Of 2013:

1st: Sarah Hitchings – REHAU

2nd: Mark Warren – Lister Trade Frames

3rd: Ben Warren – Legacy Windows

Hardware Company Of 2013:

Joint 1st: Trojan Hardware and Avocet Hardware

2nd: SFS Intec

3rd: Sekurador Ltd

Young Person Of 2013:

1st: John Edmonds – Lister Trade Frames

2nd: Jake Stephens – Windows For Construction

3rd: Natalie Gill-Kilbride – Ultraframe

Glass Systems Company Of 2013:

Joint 1st: Pilkington and Saint-Gobain

2nd: Guardian

3rd: Glass Systems Wales

Systems Company Of 2013:

1st: Schueco UK Ltd

2nd: AluK (GB) Ltd

Joint 3rd: Synseal and Origin Bi-Folding Doors

Composite and Panelled Doors Award 2013:

1st: Solidor

2nd: Listers Gallery Doors

3rd: Hurst Plastics

Timber Award:

1st: Dempsey Dyer

2nd: Totali Timber

3rd: Bereco

Aluminium Awards 2013:

1st: AluK (GB) Ltd

2nd: Origin Frames

3rd: Aspect Windows

PVC Award 2013:

1st: VEKA

2nd: Synseal

3rd: WHS Halo

Cool Wall 2013:

Joint winners: Glazedale and New Look Windows Rochdale

If you haven’t already watched the excellent presentational video by presenter Michelle Orpe, you can have a gander at it here:

So, not to drag another NFA post out which I’m sure you’ll all well versed on by now, I shall leave it here. I just want to say a quick thanks to all those who took part in any smaller or large way, it all helped and was greatly appreciated! Also, a big thanks to our sponsors for backing us all the way through this year.

In a post coming up soon, we’ll be asking you what you thought we did right, what you thought we did wrong and for your ideas on what awards you think we missed out, but should include for 2014.