I think our industry has made great strides over the last few years to improve our image in front of the public. No longer are we the scum bags of the earth that need putting down. MP’s and bankers have made that task a bit easier for us! But I’m not one for letting the foot off the pedal, so I was wondering if something like a code of ethics would help the industry?

I’m not sure if a code of ethics exists in the industry at the moment right now, at least not an independent one. There are obviously various trade bodies out there which have their own rules and regs for installers to abide by if they are to be part of that group. But, there are more and more of these trade bodies popping up and the group is becoming more and more splintered. However I do think it might be possible for all companies to unite under a code of ethics.

The idea is simple, no matter whether you’re FENSA registered, Certass or anything else, all double glazing installers would sign up to a well publicised code of ethics. This code would bind companies who signed up to it to a various set of rules which both demonstrated to the client that this particular installer fits to a correct standard, meets a certain number of criteria etc. The code would have to be a voluntary scheme, and there is a reason for this.

Providing the public would get to know about the scheme, I would hope that those who weren’t signed up to would put pressure on them – something akin to shame.

The whole point of something like this wouldn’t be to try and cause fundamental change within the industry. A code of ethics would be used simply to increase the level of trust customers have in the industry itself. By highlighting those not part of the code, it would (should) increase the attractiveness and trust in those installers that are part of it.

Who would run such a scheme is up for debate. Existing bodies probably wouldn’t take it on. Maybe a new body could look after it? Possibly. This is just and idea I had whilst struggling to sleep in bed. I do think it could work. There are codes of ethics in other industries, so why not this one?