As you may have noticed, DGB still looks the same. In a post celebrating my fifth year in blog-ville, I explained that I’d be giving the site a massive revamp. However, due to being too busy at work and struggling on with the NFA website, I still haven’t got round to doing it yet. What is making things worse, is that I can’t decide on how the new site should look. I have a few ideas, but I’m unusually indecisive about this. So, I’m asking you for your feedback to help me choose. You guys get to have a say on how the new DGB is going to look.

I have a put down 3 options for you to have a look at. Click on each of the images below to be taken to a live preview of that theme. It’s not a live preview of the site, but of the theme only. But the theme chosen is how DGB 4.0 is going to look.




NatureOPTION 3


Those are the potential three I have narrowed it down to, and I have one in mind which I probably will go for in the end, but I want to see what you guys think as well.

They’re all theme which I’d have to pay for. In the long run, to create a better website, these themes are better paid for as you get more technical support, and the themes themselves have a ton of extra features that you just do not get with the free ones on WordPress. Please take a look at all three, have a play around with some of the options you can customize and swap around. Then, come back and let me know what you think either via the comments section below, or, the little pool I’ve embedded in this post.

[yop_poll id=”6″]

Not a very industry type post this one I know, but I need you help. I’m keen to crack on with the revamp of DGB and the sooner I can start on it the better!