The Triple Glazing Question event seemed to go down very well. An event organised in a relatively short space of time compared to other industry events, and one which was very well attended, with over 600 from all areas of the industry making the time to come. Although the opinions at the end of the day about triple glazing were fairly negative, everyone agreed that the event itself was a good one and worth attending. So, it has got me to thinking, if it can work for triple glazing, why not other things?

If you think about it, there are a lot of ongoing and future issues facing our industry right now. Window Energy Ratings has been a stickler for years. Passivhaus standards are creeping further and further in. U-Values are becoming increasingly relevant with the general public. Our industry seriously lacks youth and it needs some real investment in extra staff. Could a forum such as the Triple Glazing Question provide an innovative place for the industry to convene and discuss such issues?

I also think this sort of forum could be developed into a troubleshooting workshop. A place to discuss ideas of how to actually overcome the issues being discussed. The TGQ was a first for this sort of thing, but I think if there were ever to be a future event, an “ideas” workshop could quite easily be worked into the schedule. If we as an industry are going to make the effort to put these things on and get the industry talking about it, then lets go one step further and expand it to help overcome problems.

There are more than enough brains and clever people in this industry to get round the problems mentioned on Thursday. There is plenty of creativity and innovation within the industry to overcome the problems we face, and despite what some may think, I saw a room full of people willing to spend the time to try and solve these problems for the good of the industry. I believe that these forums are the ideal place to get this done.

All comments on this are welcome in the section below.