Remember when I was on TV about mid-June time in 2013? No? Well I appeared on ITV national news with Soph as part of a report about young couples struggling to get on the housing ladder. As you will now know, we got passed the problems and are now happily living together and have been since December 2013.

Anyway, Laura Kuenssberg was the reporter who came to do the interview with us and she is a thoroughly nice lady! We got talking about all sorts before and after the interview, including her line of work and how I take an active interest in journalism in general. I explained that if I wasn’t doing my day job, then my next job would have been in journalism. I also showed her this site and what I have been doing on here for the past few years, and she seemed impressed.

So, it turns out that from that little chat about journalism, as well as my keen interest in business, it filtered up the chain at ITV. Laura has now left ITV for the BBC as some of you may know. But in that time, I have been speaking quietly with various editors and producers at the company about a possible new slot in the business section of the national news bulletins. It turns out they liked my take on our industry via this site and want to expand that into something wider for their new business slot on TV. We are still in discussions and final plans are yet to be decided, but it looks like DGB will be getting a regular business slot on the main news! The power of Twitter and general conversation in action!

There’s not much else to say at this point right now, as there are many details left to iron out. But needless to say, I am very excited, nervous and anxious about this all at the same time. Guess it’s time to polish the telly voice!