As many of you will know, the Triple Glazing Debate opens on Thursday at the Ricoh Arena on Coventry, and this debate is going to be a turning point for some of those who are going.

For some, the debate will raise more questions than answers. For some, it will help them decide whether or not to pursue triple glazing as a product to sell. And for some, it might just write off triple glazing altogether. For me, I’m in the camp which is undecided. Currently, we offer triple glazing, but it’s an option we don’t really push, simply because many are not asking for it. I will be going with an open mind, but also a critical one. I have questions in my mind which I will be listening for answers for. If the debate can persuade me that triple glazing is a viable option for the future, then I think we’ll be pushing it more.

I’ll also be covering the debate live from Coventry on here. I’m going to be setting up a special live page which will cover all the main events and goings on throughout the day. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab a few people and get them to give me a bit of feedback of the event. But either way, for those who aren’t going, the Triple Glazing Question live page will be the best place to keep up to date with anything important coming out of the event on Thursday.

Is there anything specific you wish to know? If you’re not going, but have questions that you would like answered, please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to find the right people to ask them. All answered will be posted live on the Triple Glazing Question page, as well as in a special post on DGB to come the day after, reviewing the day’s events.