A few of you on Twitter may have seen about half a dozen of us talking about it, but we’ve finally banged our heads together and come up with this little nifty get together:

Tweet n meet

As the poster suggests, a growing number of us on Twitter are meeting at the Holiday Inn after the first day of the exhibition for a “tweet up”. This is quite simply an evening where the industry’s Twitter community can get together in one place, put some faces to some names, do a bit of networking and have a few drinks to round off the day. All in all, it should be a great night with a few fun characters thrown into the mix!

Everyone is of course welcome to come along. It’s not just for the guys and girls of Twitter, this was just something that was born from Twitter and has gained legs. So if you’re on Twitter all the time (like me), on it not so much, or not at all, please feel free to join me and others for a few drinks, a chin wag and some well oiled networking!

It even has an official hashtag: #FSTNM so send out a tweet with this hashtag if you’re planning to come see a few of us! Myself and a few others will be there from 7:30pm, but feel free to get there whenever you like!

This isn’t an official event by any means, but a gathering of friends which started online that grew into something a bit more organised, and we’d love to see some new faces there on Tuesday evening. If the poster doesn’t answer any questions you might have, you can tweet myself (@glazingblogger), Dean (@bigwindowfitter) or Petita (@PetitaWiles) and we’ll help you out!

Looking forward to seeing some of you guys there!