If you have seen this site during the day on Friday, or have seen any of my tweets, you will know that I have updated the banners and logos both on this site and my Twitter account. And wow, they do look so much better!

The feedback from most of you when I launched my new site on Monday evening was that the site itself was clean, easy to navigate and fresh…but the logo was crap and needed work. Well, what you didn’t know was that in the background for the past few weeks I had been speaking to a person called Peter Alden. He got in touch with me after my DGB Turns 5 Years Old Today post and said that he wanted to design a new logo and banner to mark the occasion. So while he was working on that, I got to work on my site.

Once he knew how the new site looked, he was then able to produce some final designs for me to chose from, and these were the ones I decided to go for:

I think we can all agree that Peter has done a cracking job with these, and by far these are the most professional banners and logos Double Glazing Blogger has had in it’s 5+ years of being online. So I would like to say a big personal thanks to Peter for taking the time to produce these for me. I am very grateful and they are going to play a big part in the overall branding of DGB in the short and long term future.

You will have Peter’s work elsewhere. He was behind the logo of the National Fenestration Awards:



As with the new imagery for DGB, I was just as pleased with these designs which formed part of the National Fenestration Awards branding too. Nice and simple, allowing it to be used for many years to come.

If you like what he’s done and you are after some new logos or banners creating for your own personal use or for a company, you can email him at peteralden@mac.com and see what he can do for you!

Also, a big thanks for all your feedback online about the new logos and banners, it is much appreciated and will help the site look a more professional outfit in the years to come.